Alexza is a Float Facilitator and Head of Astrology at Vitality. She was introduced to “real” astrology back in 1990 and was fascinated by the notion that some understanding of herself and her place in the cosmos could be found in a little pie graph with strange symbols on it. She began studying astrology after her first natal reading and took her training to the next level with Nightlight Astrology School in 2012. Alexza approaches astrology from a psychological counseling point of view, by weaving her schooling, mysticism, lessons learned while traveling and wisdom from these experiences into her readings.

Alexza loves to travel and has been all over Europe, Central America and Indonesia. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2004 in Puerto Rico where she lived for eight years. After a motorcycle accident in 2012, it was yoga, meditation and astrology study that got her through the difficult time when she wasn't sure if her knee would fully recover, or if she'd ever be able to teach yoga again. She has since taught yoga across the US. She currently teaches an Astro-Yoga class at Studio D Yoga in Midlothian. Alexza is also a dancer, rave/club dj and serious student of meditation, breathwork, energy, healing and mysticism.