Meet Amanda

After six years of working in various forms of high-stress customer service, Amanda's body forced her to take a step back and re-evaluate. After her 2017 diagnosis of chronic migraines and chronic fibromyalgia, she took a year off traditional jobs and tried to focus on herself. After physical therapy, doctor shopping, and finding the right combination of medication and holistic remedies, Amanda knew that she needed to add routine back into her life and on a whim applied to work for Vitality.

Amanda heard of Vitality through Instagram and knew that one day she would float, but didn't expect to get hooked on floating the way she has now that she works at the Spa. She tries to float weekly and looks forward to taking advantage of the doors that have opened to her with Vitality to try other forms of self-care as well.

Out of Vitality, Amanda is a tax preparer with a knack for spreadsheets and also designs and creates stickers and vinyl decals. The home office that she shares with her husband, Alex is always cluttered with a new project or new drawings now that floating has unlocked a new flow of creativity. Currently that her formally chronic conditions are in better control, Amanda is now enrolled in school to finish her Bachelor's in Accounting.

When she isn't creating something in her office, she loves listening to true crime podcasts, reading, cuddling with her cats, and cooking with her husband.