Research studies have shown how floating can enhance creativity and help floaters view things in a new way. Float tanks can be an amazing tool for breaking through creative blocks and finding new inspiration. As our brains recognize that they are being starved of stimulation, they begin to create their own. Many people begin to see colors or hear music, some feel themselves spinning around even though they aren’t actually moving. At Vitality, we want to help you explore this state and see what your mind can create when it’s free of stimuli and distractions from the outside world. Artists, chefs, writers, musicians and all other creatives - what will you find in the tank?



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 Floating is not only beneficial to our physical bodies, it also helps expand and inspire our minds. After floating, many people find themselves in a very creative state and we want to see how that benefits artists.

●      Each artist in our program will receive two free 90 minute floats to explore the effects of floating on their creative process. The floats must be completed no more than two weeks apart. After the second float, the artist must begin creating their original, float inspired, 8”x8” art piece.

●      Within thirty days from their second float, the artist will need to submit their art piece to Vitality and arrange for a quick video about their experience and how it inspired their work.

●      All of the artwork created will be compiled into a book at the end of the program. Art prints and other products may also be created with the image.

●      Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. If accepted, artists will receive an email within two weeks of submitting their application.


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No matter what type of musician you are, creativity is a crucial part of your job. Tune into the music with float therapy! If you’re a musician and/or a recording studio who wants to explore how floating can influence your music, get in touch with us by filling out the application below.  We will then arrange a time to discuss a project with you. Our goal is to create float albums to sell to our customers and to use during our float sessions at the the float spa. 


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It’s no secret that your senses are heightened after floating - colors are more vibrant, scents more aromatic, and even food tastes better. We want to explore what kind of delicious recipe a chef can create after spending time in the tank.

●      Chefs accepted into the program will receive two free sixty minute floats. After each float, chefs will explore what types of food appeal and create a recipe they think would taste amazing after a float.

●      All recipes will be compiled into a Float Cookbook at the end of the program.

●      Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. If accepted, chefs will receive an email within two weeks of submitting an application.


Fashion designers, photographers, videographers and all other creatives - If you have an idea for how floating could influence your medium, get in touch with us by emailing and we can discuss a potential project.


●      What if I am new to floating?

All programs will be open to new and experienced floaters. We like to see how floating can influence creativity with or without prior float experience. 

      Do I have to have a specific art medium?

  As long as you can create an art piece in an 8”x8” format, you can use whatever medium you choose.

●      How long will it take to know if I’ve been accepted?

  Applicants can expect an acceptance email within 3 weeks from the date they submit their application.


*Feel free to email us at with any other questions.