Elise is the Communications Manager and a Float Facilitator at Vitality Float Spa. Elise first heard about floating through friends in 2015. She went to Charlottesville and Short Pump to float, and loved it. When Vitality offered their community hours pricing and seasonal float challenge, Elise knew she had found the right place!

Elise is passionate about self-care. As a social worker, she studied trauma’s effects on brain chemistry, and found floating to be a wonderful healing modality. While the human body is amazingly resilient, floating provides the body the opportunity to use its natural strengths to rebuild itself, which is very necessary after the body and mind have endured damage due to trauma. Floating also provides the body with much-needed relief from the everyday stimulations that bombard the five senses. Prevention is a large focus of Elise’s career in social work; she is passionate about working with children and teaching them healthy social and emotional habits at an early age so they can grow into healthy, empowered, productive and contributing community members. Elise has written a children’s book about mindfulness, for which she is currently searching for a publisher.

Elise also uses floating to aid in visualizing and manifesting. Through readings and engaging in her own mindset work, Elise has discovered the power of thoughts over our lives. When we are empowered, we can make the decision to be well. Further, when we visualize things and events that we want to see in our lives, it is that much easier to attain these circumstances. Elise wants to use these discoveries and passion to help other people to learn how to achieve this. Soon, you will find Elise facilitating visualization workshops at Vitality.

When Elise isn’t working, she is hanging out with her partner Daniel and their dog Mia. In classic Aquarius form, Elise has many hobbies. A few of these include baking, painting, running an online vintage store, treasure hunting in antique malls, cooking, gardening, watching movies, listening to podcasts, organizing fun events for her friends, and more!