Our clients experience relief from chronic pain, reduction in symptoms of stress and anxiety, relief from inflammation, enhanced creativity, improved athletic performance, and other lifestyle benefits.


The mission of Vitality Float Spa is to provide quality restorative services that nurture physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our spa, located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, is an oasis escape from the demands and strain of every day life.


Current Happenings


Heaven absolute relaxation heaven! My upper back and neck have been killing me lately so I thought I would check out Vitality. 60 minutes in the float tank, then a 30minute neck & shoulder massage & cupping treatment with Summer. My entire body feels so relaxed and calm and I still feel as though I’m floating. The spa was so clean, smelled amazing, and the ambiance & energy of the place was that of absolute tranquility. It was heaven! Can’t wait to return.
— Michele S.
Being 20 weeks pregnant, my first floating experience at Vitality was just what I needed to not feel so heavy and have some much needed me-time. I had been having a lot of tension in my back and neck. After floating, I feel more aware of where I hold my stress in my physical body even outside of the tank. I am always looking for ways to take better care of myself both physically and mentally and am so glad that I found floating at Vitality!
— Shannon G.


A float tank is a large bathtub that is designed to reduce distractions: lights, sounds, gravity and tactile sensations. Once you lie in the float tank about 80-90% of neuromuscular activity is decreased.
At skin temperature and 1000 pounds of Epsom salt, the water you'll find yourself reclined in will have you losing track of where it ends and your body begins.



Other than it just feeling good the goal of massage therapy and massage cupping is to stimulate blood flow and nutrients to areas of your body that are dehydrated and stagnant. It is a way to start cleansing your body and to revitalize it. The more bodywork you receive the more mobility you will have.  It helps with pain management, injury prevention, increased athletic performance, stress reduction and relaxation.



Our facials incorporate Apothecary Richmond skin care line. We nurture the body with touch therapy and the use of natural, organic, and wild crafted herbs, clays, plant oils, hydrosols, and essential oils. Ingredients were chosen to address common skin care concerns such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and aging. Apothecary Richmond is about investing in what nurtures the body, through daily ritual, simplicity, and mindful consumption.