Meet Josh

Joshua Alderson grew up in the sweetest place on earth- Hershey, Pennsylvania. Raised by a family of healthcare professionals, he attended nursing school to receive his CNA license (and Emergency Response) and after working for a few years in assisted living community, he decided to branch out into other forms of healthcare. 

Josh migrated to Richmond in 2017 to study Massage Therapy, and has also received additional training on Muscle Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Activated Isolated Stretching, and Postural Alignment) cupping, and Reiki. 

Josh believes that the heart of healing lies in our ability to listen, to see, and to perceive- more than just our application of technique. 

When our body is living in a homeostatic equilibrium, we are generally healthy individuals. However, many outside vectors affect our homeostasis from the environment in which we live, to that which we chose to put in our bodies. On a Physiological level, massage (and many other direct applied muscular therapies) increases the bodies circulation of blood and lymph. Thereby effectively promoting cellular nutrition, carrying away waste metabolites, reducing edema and expediting the regeneration of damaged tissues. All while calming your central and peripheral nervous systems, in order to return your body to homeostatic balance & restore your bodies natural range of motion. 

Josh loves to incorporate aspects of muscle therapy (Trigger point therapy, myofascial release) to address tension, stress, and natural range of motion to return your body to its optimal physical condition. Josh loves working with athletes who push the limits of their bodies, and those seeking a relaxing massage alike. 

Book today, and take the first step towards reaching your health goals. Aromatherapy, and cupping therapy are always encouraged at no extra charge. Be Present.