Meet Kenzie

Kenzie is a Richmond native and the founder of Vitality Float Spa. As a young girl she was an avid springboard diver and runner.  At age 16, she had acupuncture school information packets sent to her as she dreamed of her future. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of South Carolina. After college, she became a personal trainer, rehabilitation technician, and a certified nursing assistant as she searched to see where she wanted her next steps to lead. Kenzie declined her acceptance into graduate school to pursue her newly discovered passion to become a massage therapist and entrepreneur in stress relief. 

How we cope with stress day in and day out makes a lasting impact on our mind and body. It took her whole twenties to realize coping methods like alcohol did not work in her favor.  In 2011, she started out her career massaging clients in a room of a house in the fan that she lived in with three other lady friends, while also working at a local Brewery. After she gained some steady clientele, she opened a massage studio named Vitality in Carytown for about 4 years and then decided to expand and create Vitality Float Spa in 2015.

At first Kenzie was interested in using oxygen chambers to the new Vitality concept, but later she was introduced to float therapy by a friend who traveled to Colorado. After Kenzie experienced float therapy in Charlottesville, she found that it was a practice that helps our mind and body recover in way that she had never experienced before. It was a way that people could reconnect with themselves along with giving all systems of their body a break from the high-stimulating environments we live in. The magnesium and sulphate in the float tanks also aide our body of our depleted magnesium stores that we tend to be deficient in. She believes if we have mindful: movement, recovery, nutrition and connection in our daily life, we will have the backbone of support we need to be the best version of ourselves. 

Kenzie's approach to massage is for her to imagine how her clients would feel when she gives them their massage.  Her goal for her clients is for them to learn more about their bodies than they knew when they came in. She likes to stimulate her clients nervous system, circulatory system and lymphatic system along with the musculoskeletal system using a variety of massage techniques to help release tension.  Kenzie uses hot stones, essential oils, herbal infusions, reflexology, massage cupping techniques and Tibetan singing bowels music to enhance the massage experience.  She can customize a massage towards your goals whether you want the focus to be: stress relief, detox, pain relief, digestive & reproductive health, immunity boost, facial rejuvenation or wellness upkeep. 

Kenzie has given over 3,000 massages in her career. She uses elements of Chinese medicine, Thai, Mayan, and Ayurvedic principles to her practice. To further her massage interest, she was certified in pregnancy & postpartum massage, Thai massage, aromatouch technique, self-care Arvigo® abdominal massage and became a medi-cupping practitioner. She is in the process of pursuing education as a nutrition consultant and a tea sommelier. 

Kenzie is a bit of a workaholic, but when she is not working: She likes to spend her time outdoors by the water, experiences live music, researches real estate opportunities, reads into many health topics, listens to podcast, indulges in tea, loves projects, attempts to be active, floats, receives massages, acupuncture and tries to spend quality time with the individuals she keeps close to her heart.




Testimonials for Kenzie's Work:

"I'm honestly sort of speechless. I consider myself a bid of a connoisseur of massage, traveling the globe and to the furthest corners of Groupon and yelp to get in as many massages of all shapes and varieties -- BOOM I go to Richmond and my mind is freaking blown. The only way I can really describe my massage with Kenzie is ~OUT OF THIS WORLD~ I lost my sense of time and space and I slipped into a state where my mind went to places in between wakefulness and asleep that were incredibly relaxing and awe-inspiring. At times, I forgot I had someone in the same room as me -- better yet, massaging me -- because the rhythm and pace of her hands was so controlled and perfectly in tune with my body. The massage table and head cradle were noticeably luxurious and of a high caliber and it was exceptionally easy to get comfy. Not to mention the de-lish and not overbearing essential oils she was using. The massage was full of surprises and there was never a dull moment. She used techniques I have never experienced before and post-massage explained what was going on with my body demonstrating her clear understanding of what had gone down and what I had needed. But, I already knew THAT. The woman is a genius.
I really CANNOT recommend this spot enough. I wish I lived in Richmond so I could go on the reg...but I know I'll be back to this city and this is the first place I'm going."

-Emma G.

"My wife and I went got 60 and 90 minute massages from Kenzie last night. WOW! She was super personable and did a great job. It was my first time having cupping done -she did a great job explaining it and I feel great the day after. The place is very peaceful and quiet. Going back next week I was so impressed. I have gotten quiet a few massages in my day and this place does not disappoint - top 3 for me all time!"

-Lucas G.