meet Mackenzie

In her 4.5 years of practice as a licensed massage therapist, Mackenzie has focused on learning the most ways to maximize her work’s efficacy as a pain management and prevention tool.

To best treat ailment in the body, she incorporates a deep, focused, cohesive blend of techniques rooted in her Swedish & Thai bodywork training; Trigger Point Therapy, cupping, stretching, scraping (Gaan Kroot), compression, and use of medicinal herbal products. All of these come together to yield a whole-being assessment and treatment plan to best address each client’s rehabilitation, maintenance and prevention of physical and mental stressors.

Thai bodywork involves deep compression and stretching to target the joints and all five layers of the body, and yields an opening, lightening effect. While all of her work is very focused and problem-oriented, the slow and thorough nature of Thai massage allows Mackenzie to best pinpoint and address the true roots of physical ailment.

While relaxation is an important & inherent effect of the practice, Mackenzie aims to demonstrate that massage therapy is much more than a luxurious, relaxing endeavor catered to the privileged. Rather, it is a truly rehabilitative physical therapy that most anyone can benefit from for both acute and chronic pain, and should be accessible to anyone in need.

Mackenzie has studied Thai bodywork through Woven Body Healing Arts over the course of her time in practice, and has taken a particular liking to the herbal practices therein. Expanding from this foundation of Thai herbalism, she has completed the Clinical Master Herbalist program through the Natural Healing Institute based out of Encinitas, CA, and plans to continue her herbal training indefinitely through field work on small medicinal farms, creation of herbal remedies, & additional herbal training programs via various institutions.