The Vitality Membership 

Our goal is for you to have a Vitality lifestyle.  We want you to get everything out of what we have to offer.  That means the more you come in, the more benefits you will experience from our services at an affordable rate.  Each month you get to choose if you want to have two floats, a massage or a facial massage and cupping session for the price of $89. 



Two 60 Minute Floats/Month($44.50) - $89




A 60 Minute Facial Cupping & Massage/Month - $89



A 75 Minute Customized Massage/Month - $89

Membership Entails

  • Prepay $89 per month, on a subscription basis.

  • After a minimum three-month commitment, cancel any time with no penalty. Cancellation fee is $89 dollars if you cancel early.

  • Each month you get to choose if you want to have two 6o minute floats, a 75 minute customized massage or a 60 minute facial massage & cupping session.

  • Unlimited Infrared Sauna Use