MEET Natalia

Natalia de Souza Mello is a Massage Therapist and Float Facilitator and has been with Vitality since May 2018. Born in Brazil and raised in Virginia, touch was an essential part of Natalia’s native culture. She grew up massaging her grandmother’s feet and legs to help with circulatory issues from diabetes and has received massage from family and professionals since a child. Natalia moved to Richmond seven years ago to attend VCU. She studied Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies, specifically focused on Eastern Religions, which sparked her love in learning about the human brain, emotions, spirit and wellbeing through mind-body connection. After graduating, she worked in the Richmond City Public School System and then as a Social Worker to help provide for the community and fulfill her passion of working with people. 

Natalia was then inspired to get professional training in massage therapy to help folks in a new way. Her massages are about intention, from both her and her clients and about connecting the person to their body, creating space in the tissues, opening dense areas and lengthening. With all this, pain can be relieved, the body and mind can relax, stress subsides and the body is able to heal itself. She loves providing stretches for various body parts, deep work and hot stone therapy, but she customizes the massage for each client’s needs. 

In her free time, you can find Natalia traveling the world, taking workshops to learn new techniques, mediating, reading a book or dancing!


“It was my first time ever having a massage/float. The energy of the environment and workers felt so grounding and safe. I have a lot of fears and anxieties with physical touch that I'm trying to become more comfortable with. It was one of the first times in my life that I've experienced a non intimate psychical touch. Natalia made me feel so nurtured and judgement free through the massage. It definitely struck a good chord somewhere deep inside me. Thank you!”- H.F.