Meet Parker

In January of 2015, Parker completed her second professional doula training with ToLabor. Since that time, she has provided full spectrum doula support to the RVA community. Almost two years ago, while holding space for a laboring client, she discovered a deep connection with therapeutic touch and decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. Parker graduated from the Lotus School of Integrated Professions and is a VA licensed massage therapist. She has been trained by Claire Marie Miller in pregnancy and postpartum massage and studied acupressure for labor and delivery with Licensed Acupuncturist Keith Bell. Parker became an Arvigo® practioner through the Arvigo® Institute, where she learned the art of abdominal massage for reproductive and digestive health.

As the Head of Reproductive Health Programs at Vitality, Parker hopes to co-create with like-minded individuals to build an inclusive, empowering and safe space for people within the community to learn and grow. She often recycles the words of her favorite anatomy teacher, "Your body is the healer" and is passionate about understanding and honoring the mind-body connection.

Parker believes that massage is a moving meditation and finds great joy in her practice. She hopes to give clients a unique and restorative experience by uniting some of her favorite modalities that include but are not limited to: myofascial release & unwinding techniques, acupressure, reflexology, deep tissue and cupping therapy.

In her free time, she enjoys a good book, adventures in nature, practicing qigong, cooking nourishing foods, riding her bike, and most of all spending time with her loving partner, Taylor, and dog, Shiori.

Testimonials for Parker's Work:

"Wow! I loved everything about this. I did an hour float followed by a massage with Parker. I really enjoyed the float. It was such a relaxing experience, but Parker’s massage was amazing. One of the best I’ve ever had. I will be back!"

-Amy A.

"Parker is extremely skilled with her hands and cups! I have been receiving treatments from her for many months now and she has an amazing attention to detail, intuition to where I need work, and a loving and gentle presence. Sign up with her asap!!"

-Nick L.

"Went to Parker with a shoulder/neck injury recently and she has been extremely caring and helpful getting my muscles repaired and healthy again. Wonderfully friendly and calming presence and very skilled hands!"

-Ethan J.