Imagine escaping into this room. Take a deep breath and exhale all your worries and frustrations toward the door.  Close your eyes and feel your muscles melt onto the heated table as steam slowly trickles along your body.  Your mind dwindles as the music vibrates further and further from your ears.  Feel all the held-up tension in your back, neck and shoulders release as the massage therapist glides their fingers up and down your body.   Warm oil and hot stones are then dispersed all over your skin. You are now floating on a cloud above the river in which you live in daily.  Schedule and make this a reality!  

A Destination

When you think of having a massage one might think of it as a luxury, but in fact it is much more than that.  The benefits of having a massage on a regular basis guide us to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance in times of high stress.  As we know stress has a adversely negative effect on our mind and body.  Vitality is a small massage and wellness studio who's core mission is to make quality bodywork apart of our lifestyles at a reasonable rate. With the way the world is constantly evolving into a "fast and now" society, it is easy to put all other priorities in front of individual health needs.  Taking a moment out of our busy lives and treating ourselves may save us in more ways than one.  

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Located in Carytown

Parking Lot Behind Building


Stroll up and down Cary Street to experience the culture of Richmond.  There you could take a day to treat yourself,  find the perfect gift for someone special or spend all day with the people you love. 

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By Appointment Only

7 Days a Week



Vitality offers scheduling availability seven days a week from 8am to 8pm by appointment only.  Open door hours change depending on the season or holidays. 

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$1/Minute Chair Massage

Chair Massage

A great way to promote productivity and relieve stress is to have a 10 to 15 minute massage.  We offer $1/minute chair massages during open door hours or by appointment. Vitality also offers chair and sports massage at events when requested.  


Taking some time for ourselves helps us become more clear of our wants and needs.  Depriving ourselves of such moments can lead us to suffocate our dreams. Treat yourself by taking a step back and experience the feeling Vitality inspires you by.  


Customized Massage, Chair Massage, Massage Cupping,  Hot Stones, Cold Stones,  Aromatherapy,  Paraffin Wax,  Magnetic Cupping Therapy,  Couples Massage (seasonal),  Hand & Foot Massage,  Facial & Sinus Rejuvenation................ 

Kenzie Korman


Bachelors of Science

Certified Massage Therapist 

Massage Cupping Practitioner

USANA Health Associate

Kenzie created Vitality so we could escape to a stress free zone and incorporate quality bodywork and wellness practices to our hectic lifestyles. 


Vitality is owned by a massage therapist, which enables the passion and the practicing art of massage and preventative health measures to be conveyed throughout the business.  Vitality values excellence in quality, creativity, education and intuition through their practicing professionals. The massage therapist at Vitality are encouraged to enhance their skill and craft through workshops, advanced courses and trade with other bodywork professionals in the community.  Each therapist came into this profession based on pure passion. Over the years they have developed different styles through their experiences that have lead them to where they are today.